An Unexpected Visitor
"Thanks," Mel B said.
    "You're welcome. Thanks for coming to visit. I would have cleaned up a bit if I had known you were coming to visit," Sabrina said calmly.
On the inside she was jumping up and down with joy. A Spice Girl was in her house! She couldn't wait to tell Adrienne and Kiely about it! Mel came in and waited for Sabrina to shut the door before going anywhere.
    "So what's up," Sabrina said as she shut the door.
    "Just wanted to say good job on your performances. You've been doing great. You're cha-cha-cha was amazing and your quickstep was great."
    "Thanks. You're doing a great job too."
    "Thanks. Coming from you that means a lot."
    "Really," Sabrina asked, shocked.
    "Yes. I've seen The Cheetah Girls movies and you're dancing is amazing. In the one tango scene, you were amazing. I loved how hip-hop and the tango had been incorporated into one dance."
    "Thanks. I mean it is an honor for me that you said that. I mean I watched the Spice Girls movie. You were one of my inspirations to start with my acting career."
The silence grew over the two women as they stood in Sabrina's doorway. She didn't know what to say. This was a little awkward for Sabrina and Mel. Sabrina's phone rang with a text message.
    "That is probably Mark," Sabrina said, running to go get it.
She looked at her phone and it was from Mark.
    Tomorrow is the Jive. Meet me at the studio at 10:00 sharp. DON'T BE LATE!!!!!
    "It was Mark," she said as she looked at Mel.
    "What did he want," Mel asked.
    "He told me what dance we are doing. We are doing the jive next week and I've got to meet him at 10."
    "I should let you get some rest then. I was glad we got to talk a bit more than we do backstage."
    "Thanks for visiting."
Mel B and Sabrina walked to the door and said their goodbyes.. Mel walked down the hall and disappeared as Sabrina shut the door. Sabrina turned to face the living room and realized she didn't finish her dinner. She wasn't hungry anymore, but she was more tired than anything. She climbed into bed and was looking up at the ceiling.
    "Could this day be any weirder," she said out loud to herself.
She thought of the fun time she had dancing with Mark and now the Spice Girl had come into her room. Sh

The Quickstep
The day came to perform the quickstep for the audience. Sabrina was ready for this dance because it wasn't as sensual as most of the ballroom dances. She went to the make-up and hair trailer. Mark was already there, getting his hair fixed.
    "Hey Marky," she said, smiling.
    "Hey Bri," he replied, smiling back, "How are you?"
    "Great," Sabrina said.
    "That's good."
    "Yep," she said as she sat down next to him.
Sabrina and Mark continued to talk, calming down each other's nerves. They were nervous because their last rehearsal didn't go so well. She had slipped and fell. Mark got up and stood behind Sabrina as she was getting her make-up done. He put his hands on her shoulders. She looked at him in the mirror and smiled. Mark was a nice guy and she appreciated that he was so supportive. She hadn't met a lot of guys like Mark. He took his hands off her shoulders.
    "I better go and see Derek about Almost Amy's performance," he said.
    "Alright. See you in a bit."
    "Okay. Bye Bri."
He left and it was only her and the make-up artist left. The make-up artist and Sabrina talked about her performance tonight. She was nervous, but knew that she was going to give it her all. Tom walked into the make-up studio with his suit on for tonight.
    "Hey Tom," Sabrina said.
    "Hey Sabrina," he said as he walked over to the chair next to her, "How is it going?"
    "Pretty good. Kinda nervous, you know?"
    "Yeah. Everyone is before their performances. Even I get nervous before I go out and announce everything."
    "I bet, but you're always good with improvising."
    "Yeah, everyone tells me that actually."
    "It is true though. You are very good at that."
    "And you're a good dancer. You shouldn't be too worried. You'll do great, Sabrina."
    "Thanks, Tom," she said smiling.
Her make-up was finally done and she got up.
    "Bye Tom," she said as she left.
    "Bye Sabrina. Good luck tonight."
Sabrina left the trailer and went to her trailer to put her outfit on. She got ready in a flash and went backstage where Mark was waiting.
    "Hey," Derek said as she came in.
    "Hey there Derek," Sabrina replied.
Breath, Sabrina, Breath was the only thing she could think over her beating heart.
The director came and told them the line up. Sabrina had wished that she could go first just to get it over with. Soon enough it was their turn and they got unto the stage.
    "Let's do this," Mark said, "Let's show them just how great you are."
    "Alright Marky."
The tempo came and went like it normally did. This time, it was faster than it had ever been. Her heart was pounding with the beat, helping her feet keep in tempo. Mark and Sabrina finished their dance and she felt great about their performance. She got good comments and Len gave them great advice. They got a good score and she was ready to improve her dancing skills some more. She was ready to know her next dance. After the performance, she went straight back to the hotel. She took a shower, changed into her pajamas, and order room service. Sabrina didn't feel like going out for dinner. While she was eating her dinner, a knock came from her door and Sabrina got up to answer it. Who could it be at this time of night? It was 11 at night. She opened the door.
"Hey," Sabrina said, "Come on in."

Love At First Sight? (This one is really short)
“Well,” Sabrina said, “I don’t know. I mean I don’t entirely believe in. I can’t see it and won’t believe it until then.”
    “Ah. You’re one of those people.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Like those people who have to see it to believe it.”
    “Yeah. It is a trust thing.”
    “I’ve noticed that you don’t like to let people in with your emotions.”
    “You have?”
    “It’s okay. We all have things that we need to work on.”
    “Yeah. I know.”
    “At least you’re able to admit it. Some people can’t even do that.”
    “That’s true. I guess.”
    “It is true. Ask anyone. They will tell you what I’ve told you.”
    “I believe you,” she said.
They sat in silence for a few seconds. Sabrina wanted to know what was going on in his head, but she didn’t want to interrupt the silence. She liked it.
    “So,” he said breaking the silence, “I was wondering. Would you like to go out sometime? Just you and me?”
    “I would love that,” as she smiled.
    “Yeah,” Sabrina said as she looked at the clock, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it is 11:30 already.”
    “Yeah. Look,” she said as she pointed to the hotel’s digital clock.
    “I should get going then. We have our performance tomorrow.”
    “Alright,” she said as she got off the bed.
Sabrina and Mark walked to the door.
    “See you tomorrow,” Mark said as he was turning the doorknob.
    “Goodnight Marky,” she said.
He kissed her on the forehead, then on the cheek, and headed out the door. Mark turned around to face her.
    “Goodnight Bri,” he replied, looking into her eyes.
Sabrina shut the door as Mark turned towards the elevators and walked away. Her heart was beating way too fast and hard for her to breathe. Sabrina walked to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She reflected on what happened. She got into the shower and got ready for bed. Sabrina walked out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel. She was humming and didn’t realize it. Sabrina was humming The Cheetah Girls’ remake of “So This is Love”. She laughed to herself, once she realized it. Sabrina finished drying her hair and lay down on her bed. She didn’t know what to think, but all she knew was that true love existed and that it was happening to her.

Unexpected Changes
Her dream that night had her truly thinking. What if the girls were right? She needed to let Mark in, but she didn’t know how. Sabrina looked at the clock and grabbed her bag. She was going to be late to rehearsal again if she didn’t leave now.  This week was the quickstep. It was all about posture and unison. She was used to dancing as an individual. This ballroom dancing was turning out to be harder than she thought it would be, but at least she is giving it a shot. Sabrina got to the studio and ran into the bathroom to change before dancing.  She got into her dancing outfit and jumped into the studio where Mark was waiting for her.
    “Hey Bri,” he said.
    “Hey Marky,” Sabrina replied.
    “Ready to start?”
    “Of course.”
    “Alright. The Quickstep. What do you know about it?”
    “That it’s quick,” she replied.
    “Very good. It is quick,” he laughed.
So the lessons began and she had trouble catching on to this dance. Her frame was a big problem.
    “Arm,” Mark snapped.
    “Dude I totally had my arm right,” she said, laughing.
    “Dude you totally did not,” Mark replied, joking and laughing.
    “I did,” she said.
They started again and the frame was coming slowly but surely. Sabrina was letting him, but it was like setting herself up for hurt and disappointment. Her dreams were giving her two messages and it was way too confusing for her. Rehearsal ended on a good note. Sabrina didn’t know what to do anymore about Mark. She called Kiely.
    “Hey,” Kiely said.
    “Hey Ki Ki.”
    “What’s wrong girl?”
    “Did he hurt you?”
    “Tell me the truth.”
    “He didn’t I swear. I just keep having weird dreams about him. It is telling me two things.”
    “It is telling me to let him in, but then it is telling me not too. I’m just getting confused. I feel like I shouldn’t be doing this with him. I think if I had Derek as a partner this wouldn’t be happening.”
    “Don’t worry about it Sabrina. Just go with what your heart says. Like Adrienne and I said, let your heart make the choice.”
    “Okay,” she said.
    “Alright. Oh! I’ve got to go! I’ll talk with you later girl,” she rushed in as she hung up the phone.
Sabrina heard the dial tone and then pushed the button to end call on the screen. She felt the tears come to her eyes. Sabrina was so overwhelmed that she just wanted to cry. A knock came from the door.
    “Just a second,” she said as she pulled herself together.
    “Okay,” she heard Mark say through the shut door.
She ran to the door and opened it.
    “Hey,” she said.
    “Hi. Was I interrupting anything?”
    “No. No, you weren’t.”
They stood there for a couple of seconds.
    “Do you want to come in,” Sabrina asked.
    “That would be great.”
The two walked into her room.
    “So what’s up,” Sabrina asked.
    “Just wanted to talk with you that’s all. We only get to talk about dancing when in rehearsal. I wanted to get to know you that is all.”
    “Oh. Okay. What do you want to know?”
They started talking about themselves and it felt like they had been friends forever and it was just beginning to bud into something more.
    “I’ve got a serious question,” he said.
Her heart stopped.
    “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

Confusing Times
Sabrina, Adrienne, and Kiely were all in the hotel room.
    “Sabrina,” Adrienne said, “You were totally out of it during dinner.”
    “Yeah,” Kiely agreed, “What was going on?”
    “I was just in a conversation with Mark that I forgot people were there. I zoned that is all.”
    “Sabrina,” Kiely gave her that look.
    “What,” she replied.
    “We know you better than that. I think you’re in love with him.”
    “No I’m not. He is a friend that’s it.”
    “Sure Sabrina,” Adrienne looked at Kiely and then looked back at Sabrina.
    “Really. I am not in love with Mark.”
    “Okay. Whatever you say Sabrina,” Kiely and Adrienne said together.
She didn’t even believe it herself. Sabrina wasn’t sure if she was in love with Mark. She had boyfriends before, but she had never felt this way before. Mark was sexy when he dance and the chemistry had become stronger with each rehearsal. Sabrina was sure if love was even part of the picture. Kiely and Adrienne had already changed into their pajamas and Sabrina was still in her dress.
    “I’ll be right back,” Sabrina said, “I’ve got to change out of my dress and wash up for bed.”
    “Okay,” Adrienne said.
Kiely and Adrienne exchanged glances.
    “What,” Sabrina asked, confused.
    “Usually when you’re in love with a guy and say that you go out into the hall to call him.”
    “I really was going to change. I’m ready to go to bed. I’m tired.”
    “Alright,” the girls said in unison.
Sabrina rolled her eyes and grabbed her pajamas. She didn’t know what to think anymore. Usually Sabrina had her guard up. She didn’t like people getting close to her. Sabrina was a strong woman, who didn’t need anyone to protect her. She wanted to keep herself safe and didn’t want her heart to be broken. Sabrina changed and pulled her hair back. Sabrina was washing her face and didn’t know who she was looking at in the mirror. Mark was changing her. She was more confused about what her heart was saying that she had been ever before. Her mind was telling her that she was a friend with Mark and it would stay that way. Sabrina came out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed.
    “I’m so confused,” Sabrina said to Kiely and Adrienne.
    “Why,” Kiely asked.
    “My heart is saying that I love Mark, but my mind is telling me that he is a friend. I don’t know which one to listen to. I’ve kept my guard up my whole life. I’ve never felt so vulnerable before. It is so confusing and weird.”
    “That is how I felt with Rob,” Adrienne said, “Just let him in a little bit at a time.”
    “I just don’t know. I’m not used to being vulnerable. I don’t like it at all.”
    “We know you don’t,” Kiely said, “but give it a shot. I think things will work out for the better.”
Sabrina wasn’t sure if this was the right advice for her, but she trusted her two best friends. It was time to just go with what happens. Life is unexpected. It’s best to leave it that way, for now.

Mark Ballas: A New Friend?
Mark Ballas had been so welcoming and patient with Sabrina. He didn’t move on until she got it right. Sabrina was a competitive person and he understood that. Kiely and Adrienne had, but not as well as Mark did. She was looking to win, not to fall in love. She wanted to win this with all of her heart and soul, but Mark was overpowering her competitive streak. Sabrina didn’t have time to get distracted by dating and love. It was 9:15 and she was still in her outfit from the dance. Sabrina ran to the bathroom where a change of clothes was sitting on the counter top. She washed up and changed into a cute black spaghetti strapped dress. She kept the same shoes on because they looked good with anything. She put on a gold necklace that her parents gave her for her birthday. Sabrina left her hair the way it was. She didn’t feel like taking it down after being in the hair and make-up department for so long.
    “Alright,” Sabrina said as she came out of the bathroom, “how do I look?”
    “Great,” Kiely said.
    “Let’s go,” her dad, Fred, said to her.
Her dad was Mexican American and her mother was a mix. Sabrina loved her family and wouldn’t change it for anything. She looked at her dad and then at her mom. Sabrina was glad to have the family and friends that she had. They supported her everyday.  Now she had a new friend, Mark Ballas.
    Sabrina walked in with her dad into the restaurant. Her dad has his arm around her and she had her head against him as they walked in. He kissed her forehead as he went to go and check in.  The table was ready and there was no sign of Mark. The hostess sat them down at their table, giving them 5 menus.
    “We have one more coming,” Fred said to the waitress.
    “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll bring one for you straight away.”
    “Thank you,” he said.
Mark came in and Sabrina went to the front to get him. The hostess was about to ask him if he had a reservation, but Sabrina had grabbed him before she could ask.
    “Hey,” he said.
    “Hey. What took you so long,” she said jokingly.
He laughed. Mark and Sabrina sat down next to each other. Sabrina felt like she was only with Mark. Throughout dinner, Sabrina and Mark were just talking with each other. She felt comfortable with him and trusted him. Mark was an amazing listener and Sabrina would do the same for him. It didn’t seem like an hour passed, but when they finished eating it was 11. Kiely tapped her shoulder.
    “Sabrina,” she said, “We’re going to leave.”
    “Did we already pay?”
    “Yeah, of course we did. Why do you think we are leaving?”
    “Oh right.”
Sabrina hadn’t been paying attention. All she had been focused on was Mark and the pasta that she had been eating.
    “Come on,” Kiely said as she rolled her eyes.
    “Bye Marky,” Sabrina said as Kiely dragged her away.
    “Bye, Bri,” he replied.
She didn’t realize that she had called him Marky. It just flowed off her tongue with no thought, but she liked the sound of it. Sabrina, also, liked the sound of him calling her Bri. Kiely, Adrienne, and Sabrina all went to the hotel after Sabrina said goodbye to her parents.
    “Can we spend the night in your hotel room,” Adrienne asked.
    “Yeah. Def. No problem,” Sabrina said.
They walked up to the elevator and pushed the button to go up. The three girls stood in silence for the elevator doors to open. Sabrina’s mind was focused on Mark and how this was going to be a start of a beautiful friendship.

Cha-Cha: The First Dance
The lights dimmed and her heart began to beat fast and hard against her chest. Sabrina took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a second. The music started playing again and the contestant before her just got her scores. Sabrina and Mark went out the door leading to the dance floor.
    “Ready,” Mark asked.
    “As I’ll ever be.”
    “Do you trust me?”   
    “Are you sure?”
    “Yes. I’m sure.”
    “Alright. Let’s do this then.”
She heard the opening to her dance and the rest seemed like a blur. The song took her away and Sabrina began to relax. Before she knew the finale had come and she felt amazing. Sabrina gave it her all and at that point her pounding heart could be felt throughout her whole entire body. Mark and Sabrina had a standing ovation. She bowed as she walked back to Tom with Mark by her side. She could hear Kiely and Adrienne cheering. Sabrina knew her two best friends’ voices and laughter better than most people. Her parents were there and they would always be there for her. Tom called them over and congratulated them for their amazing dance.  Carrie- Ann, Len, and Bruno were looking around. Bruno had a reaction that she felt could be a bad thing. Tom started with Carrie-Ann.
    “I’ve got to tell you…too much hip-hop. You’re amazing at hip-hop but this is ballroom dancing.”
She knew the judges would make a comment on her hip-hop routine in there. Carrie- Ann finished with amazing comments. Then Tom called on Bruno to talk.
    “Sabrina. You’re a bewitching blonde dynamo,” Bruno yelled, “I’ve have never seen anything like it in Season 1 ever. I’ve been doing this for 10…27 years now.”
Sabrina felt amazing. Her heart was beating and she felt like it was about to burst from her chest.  She laughed as Tom called on Len to comment. He had the same comment as Carrie-Ann, which was too much hip-hop.
    "Wayne I don't want to see any hip-hop in your cha-cha-cha."
Tom told them to go back to get their scores. Sabrina was nervous to see her first scores. This set the bar for her. The judges said their scores one at a time.  Carrie-Ann was a 9, Len was an 8, and Bruno was a 9. It was a 26 out of a possible 30. She had just set a record for the highest score ever in Week 1. Drew Lachey congratulated her on her amazing cha-cha.
    “Do you want to go to dinner to celebrate,” Mark asked.
    “I’m going out with my family and the Cheetahs, but you can come with us.”
    “Alright. When is the reservation?”
    “It’s at 9:30, we picked that time because the show isn’t over until 9:00.”
    “See you then.”
She felt stupid for point out the obvious. Of course everyone knew that the show ended at 9. Sabrina walked to her trailer where The Cheetahs and her parents were waiting. Kiely and Adrienne came over and hugged her as soon as she walked in the door.
    “Amazing,” Kiely said, “you two were great together! I was so shocked. All of those hours of rehearsal paid off.”
    “Thanks Ki Ki,” Sabrina said, smiling.
Sabrina was glad her family and two best friends were there to support her. This was hard transitioning from hip-hop to ballroom in just a week. This was going to be a journey she would never forget.

Day Seven
It was her first dress rehearsal and didn’t know what would become of it. Sabrina’s long blonde hair was in curls. She was wearing a nice dress, but it was a bit too high. The designers had wanted to make it a bit more revealing, but she felt that she needed to stay true to her fans. It was 7 in the morning and she was ready to go. Mel was first, then Marie, and the list went on. She was going to be 4 in the afternoon, give or take a few hours. Sabrina just wanted it to be over with, so that she could go back to the hotel to relax so that she can be calm tomorrow. She went to the dance floor seats, where no one could see her. Sabrina wanted to see her competition. For tonight the line up was all of the women and then tomorrow would be the men. Sabrina felt sick to her stomach because she was so nervous. She hadn't been this nervous since she was 12 when she first auditioned for a TV show. To get a little peace in her mind, she went to the back row of chairs and watched a few of the other women perform. A few rehearsals passed and it was almost her turn. Sabrina realized that there wasn't really anything to worry about. All of the celebrities were good but Mel B stood out to her the most. Mel B would really be her competition out of the women, she thought. She relaxed a bit having watched the others perform.
"Sabrina," she heard Mark call for afar, "where are you?"
She got out of the seats and went out the way she came in and ran into him.
"There you are," he said when he saw her, "It is time for you to get ready for dress rehearsal."
"I'm already set to go out on the stage."
"Right. Let's go to your trailer to talk. Just to calm our nerves."
"Okay. Let's go."
They were walking in silence to her trailer and she felt like Mark was hiding something from her. Sabrina looked up at Mark and was about to break the silence, but he looked so concentrated that she didn't want to break that. When they reached her trailer, she took a deep breath. Sabrina didn't know what he wanted to talk about, but he seemed so serious at this point. She grabbed the door handle and opened the door. When she opened the door all the way, she saw Adrienne and Kiely standing there. The three girls screamed when they saw each other.
"We've missed you Sabrina," Adrienne said.
"I've missed you all too. When did you guys get in? Why didn't you text me about this?"
"We wanted to surprise you. We got in about an hour ago when you had gone missing. Where were you anyways?"
"I was watching the others in rehearsal," she admitted.
The girls were happy that they were with each other. A knock came from the door.
"Ms. Bryan," a voice called.
Sabrina got up and answered the door. It was the stage manager.
"It is time for your rehearsal. We have a lot of blocking to do."
"Alright," she said and then turning to Mark said, "Ready to go?"
"Yeah. I'm ready to go."
The two left Kiely and Adrienne for their rehearsal. For Sabrina, the day wasn't half bad.
Mark and Sabrina danced and danced their hearts out. It was the love of dance that Sabrina couldn't fight. She felt every time she danced she had wings and was flying high in the sky.

Day One
Sabrina Bryan came up to the hotel she was staying at for Dancing With The Stars. She walked into the lobby where she Mr. Las Vegas and Mel B. Sabrina was a huge fan of the Spice Girls when she was younger. She wanted to run up and ask for Mel’s autograph, but kept her cool. Growing up, she wanted to be Scary Spice or Sporty Spice.  She learned some of her dance moves from them. Mel B went into the hotel’s elevator and disappeared. Sabrina took out her iPhone and texted Kiely telling her that she saw Scary Spice and that she would be competing with her. Kiely texted back saying that it was going to be an amazing experience for her to dance with one of her idols. As Sabrina was reading that she got another text message from Kiely. It said I miss you.  She didn’t want to start crying, but she felt a hot tear run down her cheek. Sabrina wiped it away and took a deep breath.  She walked over to the counter to check in. Sabrina wanted to get into her hotel room so she could relax for a few hours until her first rehearsal. It was Mark’s first time on the show, but his dad had been on the show and had gotten champion plenty of times. Sabrina was confident that Mark would be a very good partner for this competition.  She had never seen him before and wasn’t sure what his personality is like.  Brushing her blonde bangs from her face, she took her room key and went to the elevator. Her iPhone was ringing. It was her mom and dad calling her.
    “Hello,” Sabrina said into the phone.
    “Hi, honey,” her mom replied, “Did you get in alright?”
    “Yes Mom. I’m at the hotel and have the key. I’m in the elevator right now,” she said as she walked into the big elevator.
    “Alright. I’ll let you get to your room so you can unpack everything and get settled in.”
    “Alright. I love you mom.”
    “I love you too baby girl.”
Her mom had said her goodbye as Sabrina hung up her iPhone. She pushed the tab down so she didn’t have to hear it ring anymore. Sabrina was homesick and it had only been 3 hours since she left home. The elevator reached the 14th floor and she got out.  The hallway of the floor went two ways and both look comfortable. She looked in front of her at the sign. Her room was 1510 and she had to go to the left.  As soon as she turned left, her room was there to the right. She slid her key into the slider on the door.  She swung the door open and found her bags sitting there at the foot of one of the queen size beds. Sabrina sat on one of the beds, taking off her heels. She had on her dark blue tank top and her light blue camisole. She had her fraternity symbol of an anchor as her necklace. Sabrina had her dark blue jeans on and tan high heels. The alarm on her phone went off that meant it was time to head to the studio to met Mark. She turned off her phone’s alarm and grabbed her workout bag.
    “Dang it,” she said as she ran out the door.
Sabrina was running late and didn’t know how bad traffic would be. Mark was probably going to be there and he would be waiting. She hated making people wait. Sabrina went to her car in the parking lot and got in. She went as fast as she could while avoiding a ticket. Today just wasn’t her lucky day. Sabrina turned off of the highway and into the studio’s parking lot. There was no sign of any one being here. She got out of the car and ran into the studio. There was a hallway of doors with letters on them. The notification she received via email said room Z. She looked at the letters on the doors as she walked down the long hallway. Sabrina came to room Z at the end of the hallway. She grabbed the silver doorknob and took a deep breath. Sabrina began to feel like her stomach was dropping, but knew that it shouldn’t distract her from this competition. It would be like The Cheetah Girls, except it would be ballroom dancing; there wouldn’t be any singing or Kiely and Adrienne. She walked into the room where Mark was spinning and landed. He looked up and walked over to her handing her flowers. All she could say was the obvious to him and smile. She walked over to the middle of the room as Mark explained what the origins of the cha-cha were.  The camera was on Mark and her. Sabrina listened and tried to avoid looking at the camera for now. Her focus was the dance and nothing else.  He showed her some of the moves he had come up with for the dance.
    “Do you think you can do that,” he asked.
    “Alright. Looks simple enough. Let’s do this.”
She tried the dance moves and it felt like a foreign language with her feet. Sabrina stopped for a second and looked down at her attire.
    “I hate to interrupt, but I need to change.”
He showed her where the bathrooms where so she could change. Sabrina left and rushed to change.  She forgot what she had in her bag. Sabrina slipped on her dark blue anchor shirt and red sweatpants with a white sweatshirt tied around her hips.  She knew it was time to become a better dancer and now she was on her way.

Week Away
 Another birthday had come and gone in a blink of an eye. She was 23 now and couldn’t believe it. She sat on the beach, the sun setting, watching the waves roll in and out, and letting the sound create a calm feeling inside.  Rocky, her adorable shizu, was lying next to Sabrina on her towel. Sabrina let her blonde hair blow in the wind as she closed her eyes. Soon, she would be very busy promoting the new Cheetah Girls album and would be a contestant on a show on ABC. Sabrina was going to be part of the show Dancing With The Stars, not knowing what would come of this experience, all she knew was that it would help her grow as a dancer. She had been doing hip-hop her whole life and never truly bothered to learn how to do ballroom dances, except for the time she did a tango with Golan Yosef for The Cheetah Girls’ movie. It had been fun doing the tango, so the other dances should be as well. Sabrina had picked it up so quickly when she had done the movie, that it only took about 2 takes to film that. Her mind flooding with thoughts of what this show would be like and what her partner, Mark Ballas Jr, would be like.  Rocky moved and it startled her. She looked over to see Adrienne and Kiely, the two other Cheetahs, heading her way. They had their beach stuff with them.
    “Hey Sabrina,” Kiely called.
She waved back in response. Sabrina knew if she were to talk everything on her mind would pour out of her body.  She missed the days when they just had The Cheetah Girls and school to worry about. The two other girls lay down their towels and sat down next to her. Sabrina, Adrienne, and Kiely looked at each other without saying a word and looked back out in the waves and the beautiful red, orange, and yellow sunset. In a few days she wouldn’t be able to sit on this beach and relax. Sabrina would be in rehearsals. Rocky had his head on her knee and sighed. Sabrina put her hand on his head and looked down at Rocky. She and Rocky both yawned and Sabrina knew it was time for her to head home. Sabrina needed all the sleep she could get. She got up and brushed some of the sand off her body.
    “You leaving,” Kiely asked.
    “Yeah,” she replied, “It is time for me to get home. I need all the sleep I can get before I go on Dancing With The Stars.”
    “Alright,” Adrienne said, “See you later?”
    “Maybe. I’ve got a lot of packing I need to do before I leave for the show.”
The girls said their goodbyes. Sabrina took Rocky’s leash and clipped it on to his collar.  Sabrina picked up all of her stuff and left for her house. She looked back at Kiely and Adrienne as Sabrina and Rocky walked off towards her car. Sabrina didn’t want to leave her friends, but Dancing With The Stars would be a great experience for her as a dancer. She wanted to grow as a dancer, but she couldn’t help but miss her friends. Sabrina had been a Cheetah Girl for years now. She started with Disney at the age of 19 and now being 23 made it 4 years now. Dancing With the Stars would be a 10-week thing, if she didn’t get eliminated first.


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