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The Quickstep
The day came to perform the quickstep for the audience. Sabrina was ready for this dance because it wasn't as sensual as most of the ballroom dances. She went to the make-up and hair trailer. Mark was already there, getting his hair fixed.
    "Hey Marky," she said, smiling.
    "Hey Bri," he replied, smiling back, "How are you?"
    "Great," Sabrina said.
    "That's good."
    "Yep," she said as she sat down next to him.
Sabrina and Mark continued to talk, calming down each other's nerves. They were nervous because their last rehearsal didn't go so well. She had slipped and fell. Mark got up and stood behind Sabrina as she was getting her make-up done. He put his hands on her shoulders. She looked at him in the mirror and smiled. Mark was a nice guy and she appreciated that he was so supportive. She hadn't met a lot of guys like Mark. He took his hands off her shoulders.
    "I better go and see Derek about Almost Amy's performance," he said.
    "Alright. See you in a bit."
    "Okay. Bye Bri."
He left and it was only her and the make-up artist left. The make-up artist and Sabrina talked about her performance tonight. She was nervous, but knew that she was going to give it her all. Tom walked into the make-up studio with his suit on for tonight.
    "Hey Tom," Sabrina said.
    "Hey Sabrina," he said as he walked over to the chair next to her, "How is it going?"
    "Pretty good. Kinda nervous, you know?"
    "Yeah. Everyone is before their performances. Even I get nervous before I go out and announce everything."
    "I bet, but you're always good with improvising."
    "Yeah, everyone tells me that actually."
    "It is true though. You are very good at that."
    "And you're a good dancer. You shouldn't be too worried. You'll do great, Sabrina."
    "Thanks, Tom," she said smiling.
Her make-up was finally done and she got up.
    "Bye Tom," she said as she left.
    "Bye Sabrina. Good luck tonight."
Sabrina left the trailer and went to her trailer to put her outfit on. She got ready in a flash and went backstage where Mark was waiting.
    "Hey," Derek said as she came in.
    "Hey there Derek," Sabrina replied.
Breath, Sabrina, Breath was the only thing she could think over her beating heart.
The director came and told them the line up. Sabrina had wished that she could go first just to get it over with. Soon enough it was their turn and they got unto the stage.
    "Let's do this," Mark said, "Let's show them just how great you are."
    "Alright Marky."
The tempo came and went like it normally did. This time, it was faster than it had ever been. Her heart was pounding with the beat, helping her feet keep in tempo. Mark and Sabrina finished their dance and she felt great about their performance. She got good comments and Len gave them great advice. They got a good score and she was ready to improve her dancing skills some more. She was ready to know her next dance. After the performance, she went straight back to the hotel. She took a shower, changed into her pajamas, and order room service. Sabrina didn't feel like going out for dinner. While she was eating her dinner, a knock came from her door and Sabrina got up to answer it. Who could it be at this time of night? It was 11 at night. She opened the door.
"Hey," Sabrina said, "Come on in."


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